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1 North Cache News1940-04-053Where their Fathers Fought and Dieddeath
2 North Cache News1940-04-191Bessie Anderson Services Held Mondaydeath
3 North Cache News1940-04-268Mrs. Julia Pond Buried at Richmonddeath
4 North Cache News1940-06-141Lewiston Man Found Deaddeath
5 North Cache News1940-06-146Death No Evildeath
6 North Cache News1940-07-051Smithfield Women Taken by Deathdeath
7 North Cache News1940-07-054Man, not Machine, Chief Cause of Traffic Deathsdeath
8 North Cache News1940-07-192Democrats Meet amid Rumbles of Naval Action in West Indies and Threat of Third Party Actiondeath
9 North Cache News1940-08-021Sarah Wood Services Helddeath
10 North Cache News1940-08-091Kay Thornley Meets Tragic Deathdeath
11 North Cache News1940-08-091Death Takes Samuel Hillyarddeath
12 North Cache News1940-08-231Funeral Services Held for Scott Griffithsdeath
13 North Cache News1940-09-271Blanchard Child Services Helddeath
14 North Cache News1940-10-041Clarkston Native Dies in Rexburgdeath
15 North Cache News1940-10-046Low Death Ratedeath
16 North Cache News1940-11-011Ephraim Bergeson Funeral Services Held Saturdaydeath
17 North Cache News1940-11-291Funeral Held for John C. Cannelldeath
18 North Cache News1940-12-271Milton Roskelley Died from Auto Injuriesdeath
19 North Cache News1941-01-241Phoebe A. Allen Died Tuesday at Santa Anadeath
20 North Cache News1941-02-071Prominent Cache Citizen Dies of Heart Attackdeath
21 North Cache News1941-03-071Funeral Services Held Wed. for Gilbert Rassmusendeath
22 North Cache News1941-03-077Two Tragediesdeath
23 North Cache News1941-03-141Aged Resident of Smithfield Died Wednesdaydeath
24 North Cache News1941-03-141Services Held Thursday for Mrs. Moosmandeath
25 North Cache News1941-03-212Buried Poems in Gravedeath
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