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1 News Advocate1915-07-301Death at Elgindeath
2 News Advocate1915-08-204Inventor is Calleddeath
3 News Advocate1915-08-273Mrs. Olson's Father Deaddeath
4 News Advocate1915-09-101Death of Mrs. Samuel Jewkesdeath
5 News Advocate1915-10-014Mrs. Henry C. Lodge Diesdeath
6 News Advocate1915-11-056Herman Ridder Calleddeath
7 News Advocate1915-11-121Utah Pioneer Deaddeath
8 News Advocate1915-11-261Grandma Goodman Has Passed Awaydeath
9 News Advocate1915-12-031Grandma Horsley Answers Summonsdeath
10 News Advocate1915-12-101Sarah Tidwell Calleddeath
11 News Advocate1915-12-101Frank Himmel is Found Deaddeath
12 News Advocate1915-12-171Died in Local Hoteldeath
13 News Advocate1915-12-311Dan Lewis Cannot Loaf and is Killed as He Resumes Jobdeath
14 News Advocate1915-12-311Clyde Jones Dies at Home on Coastdeath
15 News Advocate1916-01-075Railroad Builder Deaddeath
16 News Advocate1916-01-075Death Summons Lamardeath
17 News Advocate1916-01-211Alex Stirratt Dies Suddenly of Peritonitisdeath
18 News Advocate1916-01-214General Huerta is Deaddeath
19 News Advocate1916-01-218Italian Dies a Horrible Deathdeath
20 News Advocate1916-01-285Western Railroad Man Calleddeath
21 News Advocate1916-02-184Death Claims French Youthdeath
22 News Advocate1916-03-103Was Highly Honoreddeath
23 News Advocate1916-03-176Indiana Statesman Calleddeath
24 News Advocate1916-03-177Henry Gassaway Davis Deaddeath
25 News Advocate1916-05-128Barney Grosso Diesdeath
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