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1 Murray Eagle1927-01-087Daughter Bornbirth
2 Murray Eagle1928-02-091Baby Boybirth
3 Murray Eagle1928-02-095A New Girlbirth
4 Murray Eagle1928-12-061Births at Cottonwood Maternity Homebirth
5 Murray Eagle1928-12-275Christmas Birth at Cottonwood Homebirth
6 Murray Eagle1930-09-041New Arrivalsbirth
7 Murray Eagle1930-09-111New Arrivals at Cottonwood Maternity Homebirth
8 Murray Eagle1930-10-161New Arrivals at Cottonwood Maternity Homebirth
9 Murray Eagle1930-10-233New Arrivals at Maternity Homebirth
10 Murray Eagle1930-11-0610New Arrivals at Cottonwood Maternity Homebirth
11 Murray Eagle1931-01-221Mr. And Mrs. W. T. Belliston Announce Baby Boybirth
12 Murray Eagle1931-07-021Two Arrivals at Murray Eagle Maternity Homebirth
13 Murray Eagle1932-05-266Maternity Hospital Arrivalsbirth
14 Murray Eagle1932-06-091Maternity Hospital Arrivalsbirth
15 Murray Eagle1932-07-214Arrivals at Maternity Homebirth
16 Murray Eagle1932-10-061Three Arrivals at Murray Eagle Maternity Homebirth
17 Murray Eagle1933-11-304Birthsbirth
18 Murray Eagle1934-02-151February Birthsbirth
19 Murray Eagle1934-04-051Sixteen Citizens Arrive during Marchbirth
20 Murray Eagle1934-08-023Maternity Home Births in Murray Eagle Month of Julybirth
21 Murray Eagle1934-12-136Births at Cottonwood Stake Maternity Hospitalbirth
22 Murray Eagle1935-03-284Murray Birthsbirth
23 Murray Eagle1935-09-051Births Announcedbirth
24 Murray Eagle1935-11-213Senator McAdoo and Young Bridebirth
25 Murray Eagle1936-12-311Plans Discussed for Annual Birthday Ballbirth
1 - 25 of 672