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1 Kane County Standard1930-01-102Sherman Cameron Wedswedding
2 Kane County Standard1930-06-201Johnson-Fleming Marriagewedding
3 Kane County Standard1930-07-181Cox- Broadbent Marriagewedding
4 Kane County Standard1932-09-231Marriedwedding
5 Kane County Standard1933-05-121Merrill S. Robinson Marries La Verkin Girlwedding
6 Kane County Standard1933-06-091Judd - Riggs Marriagewedding
7 Kane County Standard1933-07-071Celebrate Wedding Anniversarywedding
8 Kane County Standard1933-07-071Kanab Girl Marries Artistwedding
9 Kane County Standard1934-09-071Former Panguitch Girl Marrieswedding
10 Kane County Standard1934-09-073Increase in Marriageswedding
11 Kane County Standard1936-11-061Marriage of Local Couple Announcedwedding
12 Kane County Standard1937-06-111Kanab Girl Wedswedding
13 Kane County Standard1937-10-081Popular Kanab Girl Wedswedding
14 Kane County Standard1938-09-304Glendale Girl Wedswedding
15 Kane County Standard1939-01-134Observe Silver Weddingwedding
16 Kane County Standard1939-01-138Announce Marriagewedding
17 Kane County Standard1939-03-241Married in Arizonawedding
18 Kane County Standard1939-04-078Kanab Girl Marrieswedding
19 Kane County Standard1939-04-078Norton-Parker Marriagewedding
20 Kane County Standard1939-05-051Announce Marriagewedding
21 Kane County Standard1939-07-141Heaton - Smith Weddingwedding
22 Kane County Standard1939-07-288Former Kanaber to Marrywedding
23 Kane County Standard1939-09-088Marriage Solemnized at St George Wedwedding
24 Kane County Standard1939-11-247Quick Quoteswedding
25 Kane County Standard1941-04-171Miss Verda Robinson Becomes Bride of Mr. T. J. Mahoneywedding
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