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1 Kane County Standard1929-09-131Attend Funeral of Lucy Spencer Heatondeath
2 Kane County Standard1929-09-201Orderville Matron Dies Suddenlydeath
3 Kane County Standard1929-09-271Funeral Services for May Cooper-Littledeath
4 Kane County Standard1929-11-221Death of James Glassock Brings Pitiful Case to the Attention of Officialsdeath
5 Kane County Standard1929-12-271Judd Baby Dies at Marysvaledeath
6 Kane County Standard1929-12-271Prominent Pioneer Lady Passes Awaydeath
7 Kane County Standard1929-12-276Movie Studio Fire in Which Ten Perisheddeath
8 Kane County Standard1930-01-031John T. Little Dies Suddenlydeath
9 Kane County Standard1930-02-211Escalante Pioneer Dies at Marysvaledeath
10 Kane County Standard1930-02-211Crossby Infant Dies at St. Georgedeath
11 Kane County Standard1930-02-211Uncle John Seaman Dies Suddenly in Cedar Citydeath
12 Kane County Standard1930-02-211James Gowans, Tooele Deaddeath
13 Kane County Standard1930-02-218Fred Cheesman Diesdeath
14 Kane County Standard1930-02-281Mrs. Emily Hoyt Esplin Diesdeath
15 Kane County Standard1930-02-281Funeral Services for J. W. Seamandeath
16 Kane County Standard1930-03-148Joseph Johnson Dies at Richfielddeath
17 Kane County Standard1930-03-148St. George Man Dies in Flamesdeath
18 Kane County Standard1930-05-231Popular Young Matron Diesdeath
19 Kane County Standard1930-05-231Funeral Services for W. S. Robinsondeath
20 Kane County Standard1930-05-238Aged Pioneer Passes Awaydeath
21 Kane County Standard1930-06-131Kanab Child Dies at Cedardeath
22 Kane County Standard1930-06-134Morini Savage Dies at Provodeath
23 Kane County Standard1930-06-201Funeral Services for Ora Jean Forddeath
24 Kane County Standard1930-06-275Karl Lee Passes Awaydeath
25 Kane County Standard1930-08-151Child Dies after Short Illnessdeath
1 - 25 of 306