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1 Garland City Globe1917-10-251Death Claims H. C. Wilsondeath
2 Garland City Globe1917-10-252German Princess Diesdeath
3 Garland City Globe1917-10-253Burns Self to Deathdeath
4 Garland City Globe1917-11-173Former Hawaiian Queen Deaddeath
5 Garland City Globe1918-10-178Death of Geo. W. Wilcoxdeath
6 Garland City Globe1918-11-211Sudden and Untimely Death of Estimable Young Ladydeath
7 Garland City Globe1918-11-211Death of President Joseph F. Smithdeath
8 Garland City Globe1918-11-286Hun Agent Dies at War Prisondeath
9 Garland City Globe1918-11-287Hun Agent Dies at War Prisondeath
10 Garland City Globe1918-12-141Death of H. K. Igiuindeath
11 Garland City Globe1918-12-141Death of Fielding Ladydeath
12 Garland City Globe1918-12-287The Death of the Old Yeardeath
13 Garland City Globe1919-03-152Amelia Barr, Authoress, Deaddeath
14 Garland City Globe1919-08-161The Death of Geo. Meldrumdeath
15 Garland City Globe1919-08-301Death of Mrs. Innesdeath
16 Garland City Globe1919-08-302Two Dead in Riotdeath
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