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1 Garland Globe1906-02-173Afternoon Gown Made for White House Bridewedding
2 Garland Globe1906-02-176Marriage Easy in Scotlandwedding
3 Garland Globe1906-03-031Wedding Bellswedding
4 Garland Globe1906-03-103Wedding Bells Have Just Rung for Royaltywedding
5 Garland Globe1906-03-243Recent Engagement with Moros Reflects Glory on American Armswedding
6 Garland Globe1906-03-248Civil and Religious Marriageswedding
7 Garland Globe1906-04-071Married in Farmingtonwedding
8 Garland Globe1906-04-141Married in Salt Lakewedding
9 Garland Globe1906-05-261Weddingswedding
10 Garland Globe1906-06-092Royal Bride and Groomwedding
11 Garland Globe1906-07-144Coombs-Sullivan Weddingwedding
12 Garland Globe1906-07-211Married in Maladwedding
13 Garland Globe1906-07-285Will Take Bride's Namewedding
14 Garland Globe1906-09-011Married in Salt Lake Citywedding
15 Garland Globe1906-09-017Witnessed Marriage from Afarwedding
16 Garland Globe1906-09-081Grand Wedding Ballwedding
17 Garland Globe1906-09-221Married in Loganwedding
18 Garland Globe1906-10-066Hornets Inhabited the Wedding Bellwedding
19 Garland Globe1906-10-068Winning a Lolo Bridewedding
20 Garland Globe1906-10-068Two Couples Wedwedding
21 Garland Globe1906-10-208Married at Logan Templewedding
22 Garland Globe1906-11-101Wedding Bellswedding
23 Garland Globe1906-12-011Three Couples Wedwedding
24 Garland Globe1906-12-081Hall-Wood Weddingwedding
25 Garland Globe1906-12-081Married in Salt Lakewedding
1 - 25 of 119