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1 Garland Globe1906-02-103Christian IX, Aged King of Denmark, is Deaddeath
2 Garland Globe1906-02-104Buried Treasure Founddeath
3 Garland Globe1906-02-172Apostle Merrill Deaddeath
4 Garland Globe1906-02-176Preacher and Educator Deaddeath
5 Garland Globe1906-02-243Two Burned to Death and One Dies from Excitementdeath
6 Garland Globe1906-02-243Former President M'Call Worried Himself to Deathdeath
7 Garland Globe1906-02-246State Conducted Funeralsdeath
8 Garland Globe1906-03-032Ex-Speaker Henderson Succumbs to Paresisdeath
9 Garland Globe1906-03-101Death of Peter Lottdeath
10 Garland Globe1906-03-102General Schofield Deaddeath
11 Garland Globe1906-03-172Susan B. Anthony Deaddeath
12 Garland Globe1906-03-242Women Meet Death in a Lodging House Firedeath
13 Garland Globe1906-04-071Died of Pneumoniadeath
14 Garland Globe1906-04-072Punishment is Deathdeath
15 Garland Globe1906-04-141Funeral Servicesdeath
16 Garland Globe1906-04-141Laid to Restdeath
17 Garland Globe1906-04-142Aeronaut Died after Landingdeath
18 Garland Globe1906-04-142Scores Carried down to Deathdeath
19 Garland Globe1906-04-212Insurance Agent Suicides after Attacking Aged Coupledeath
20 Garland Globe1906-04-215Daring Aeronaut Dies in Swamp after a Long Night of Agonydeath
21 Garland Globe1906-04-283Dead at Agnewdeath
22 Garland Globe1906-04-286Legacy Leads to Deathdeath
23 Garland Globe1906-05-121Death of Reuben Nebekerdeath
24 Garland Globe1906-05-122Bodies Buried under Ruinsdeath
25 Garland Globe1906-05-198Boy Drowned in Canaldeath
1 - 25 of 463