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1 Cache American1934-09-111D. W. Rainey to be Buried at Richmonddeath
2 Cache American1934-09-114Funeral Held Wednesday for Drown Victimdeath
3 Cache American1934-12-189College Ward Lad Dies from Gun Accidentdeath
4 Cache American1935-08-301W. H. Maughan Succumbs at Wellsvilledeath
5 Cache American1935-08-307A Walled Paradiesdeath
6 Cache American1935-09-031Glenn Child is Buried at Wellsvilledeath
7 Cache American1935-09-031John Rowland Died on Sunday at Pocatellodeath
8 Cache American1935-09-031Lovable Lady at Paradie Died Saturdaydeath
9 Cache American1935-09-037Burieddeath
10 Cache American1935-09-065Mr. Cutler Diesdeath
11 Cache American1936-02-144Cyrus Ward of Preston Dies in Salt Lakedeath
12 Cache American1936-02-148W. H. Kelsey Died Tuesday at Family Homedeath
13 Cache American1936-02-148Hyrum Ladies Literary Club Hold Sessiondeath
14 Cache American1938-05-038Louis Frank Died Monday at Providencedeath
15 Cache American1938-05-038W. D. Goodwin Died Monday at Cornishdeath
16 Cache American1938-05-038Louisa Harris Succumbs at Daughter's Homedeath
17 Cache American1938-05-038Logan Women Died Sunday at Mother's Homedeath
18 Cache American1938-05-171Funeral Servicesdeath
19 Cache American1938-05-173Robt. Mcculloch Died Sunday at Logan Homedeath
20 Cache American1938-05-174Orson Larsen Died Saturday at Hospitaldeath
21 Cache American1938-05-178Usac Student Died Here Friday Eveningdeath
22 Cache American1938-05-211M.W. Nish of Clarkston Died Thursdaydeath
23 Cache American1938-05-241Vateran, 95, Given Burial Here Sundaydeath
24 Cache American1938-05-241Smithfield Mother Died Saturday A. M.death
25 Cache American1938-05-241Follett Child Buried Monay at North Logandeath
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