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1 Ogden Daily Standard1920-01-161Chicago Reports Pneumonia Wave and Influenzaarticle
2 Duchesne Record1918-10-121Spanish Influenza-Three-Day Fever the Fluarticle
3 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-196Watch out for Bacilli or They Will Catch Youarticle
4 Eureka Reporter1918-10-048Utah's Health Officials Unearth Influenza Bacilliarticle
5 Ogden Daily Standard1920-01-297Steady "Flu" Spread Reported in Americaarticle
6 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-155U. S. Mobilizes for Campaign on Influenzaarticle
7 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-013Influenza Dying out in Californiaarticle
8 Grand Valley Times1919-01-107advertisement
9 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-2224Boulder Army School is Hit by Influenzaarticle
10 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-0110Influenza on Rapid Decline in U. S. Campsarticle
11 Grand Valley Times1918-11-0115Uncle Sam's Advice on Fluarticle
12 Park Record1919-01-036Influenza Hintsarticle
13 Grand Valley Times1918-10-251No Further Cases of Influenza Make Appearance in Moabarticle
14 Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-2116Denies Influenza at Post Prisonarticle
15 Ogden Daily Standard1920-02-034Facts on Influenzaarticle
16 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-178Influenza Strikes Hardin Bostonarticle
17 Millard County Chronicle1918-10-244Uncle Sam's Advice on Fluarticle
18 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-242Influenza Now Raging at 25 Camps in U. Sarticle
19 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-263Influenza Cases Decline at Lewisarticle
20 Salt Lake Telegram1919-03-1424Report Made on Influenza Reliefarticle
21 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-12-1914Influenza Report Shows No Deathsarticle
22 Ogden Daily Standard1920-01-277Influenza Cases in Chicago Decreasingarticle
23 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-03-1637Sleep Sickness Called Result of Influenzaarticle
24 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-271Draftees' Entraining Halted by Influenzaarticle
25 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-04910 U. S. Camps Show Increase of Influenzaarticle
26 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-01-119L. A. Influenza Shows Gainsarticle
27 Ogden Daily Standard1920-02-026Influenza Reportarticle
28 Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-141349 New Cases of Disease Reporteddeath
29 Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-1310Three Influenza Victimsarticle
30 Davis County Clipper1918-10-254Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseasesarticle
31 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-0415Disease Rages through U. S.article
32 Ogden Daily Standard1919-04-037Only Two Deaths from Influenza in Marcharticle
33 Times Independent1919-10-166Possible Recurrence of Influenza is Predictedarticle
34 Salt Lake Telegram1918-07-243Influenza Rages in Swiss Armyarticle
35 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-147Influenza Spreads in Naval Districtarticle
36 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-1613Influenza Grips Town of Heneferarticle
37 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-171Civilians Feel Growing Toll of Influenzaarticle
38 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-127Influenza Cure is Discoveredarticle
39 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1918-10-186Uncle Sam's Advice on Fluarticle
40 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-2311Epidemic Wins Total of 2289 Ogden Victimsarticle
41 Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-1910Influenza Claims Four at Tooelearticle
42 Ogden Daily Standard1918-12-202Influenza Claims Four at Tooelearticle
43 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-011New Cases of Influenza in Camps 11,024death
44 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-303More New Cases of Influenza at the Army Cantonmentsarticle
45 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-221Influenza New Cases Lessen in Six Statesarticle
46 Iron County Record1918-11-151Spanish Influenza "Three-Day Fever"article
47 Ogden Daily Standard1918-11-265Vaccination for the Influenza Germarticle
48 Ogden Daily Standard1918-12-142Three Deaths due to Influenza in Salt Lakearticle
49 Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-149Precaution Taken Against Influenzaarticle
50 Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-088Influenza Now Reaches Alaskaarticle
51 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-01-1011680 New Influenza Cases in Los Angelesarticle
52 Ogden Daily Standard1919-08-274Influenza Danger Has Passedarticle
53 Roosevelt Standard1918-10-305Uncle Sam's Advice on Fluarticle
54 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-238Influenza is Now Improvingarticle
55 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-252Subsidence of Influenza in U S Reportedarticle
56 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-191Influenza Gets Toll of Death over Eastdeath
57 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-12-318advertisement
58 Ogden Daily Standard1918-09-274Spanish Influenza is Comingarticle
59 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-044Spanish Influenza in Salt Lakearticle
60 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-315Influenza Epidemic Breaks out of Porto Rico Camparticle
61 Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-174Many Subscribing to Influenza Fundarticle
62 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-12-141Elusive Germs of Influenza Spur Appetitearticle
63 Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-169Nine Cases, 1 Death is Influenza Reportdeath
64 Ogden Daily Standard1920-01-256Influenza Death Toll is Highest of Seasondeath
65 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-03-0955Influenza Cases Rapidly Decliningarticle
66 Ephraim Enterprise1918-10-262Uncle Sam's Advice on Fluarticle
67 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-231West Escaping Worst Rigors of Influenzaarticle
68 Beaver County News1920-02-181Science Lecturer Favoring Jordan's Theory as to Fluarticle
69 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-1811Singer Midget is Influenza Victimdeath
70 Grand Valley Times1919-01-038advertisement
71 Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-1112Three Deaths from Influenza at Ogdendeath
72 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-156Six Die of Influenza in Salt Lake Cityarticle
73 Tooele Transcript Bulletin1918-10-258Uncle Sam's Advice on Fluarticle
74 Grand Valley Times1918-10-118Is Not Influenzaarticle
75 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-1910Influenza in Buenos Airesarticle
76 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-231Hospitals at Boston Filled With Patientsarticle
77 Ogden Daily Standard1918-09-263Deaths of Influenzadeath
78 Salt Lake Tribune1919-04-0314Influenza Deaths Decreasedeath
79 Salt Lake Telegram1919-11-173To Prevent Influenzaarticle
80 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-091Civilians Feel Advance Made by Influenzaarticle
81 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-032Flagstaff Normal School Strickenarticle
82 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-1910Over Thousand Cases of Influenza in Salt Lakearticle
83 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-2312One Hundred Eleven New Cases of Influenzaarticle
84 Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-065Influenza Claims Four Ogden Victimsarticle
85 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1918-11-151Neighborhood Newsarticle
86 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-01-223Influenza Gets Only 91 Victimsarticle
87 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-03-059Four New Cases of Influenza Reportedarticle
88 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-03-202Influenza Hits Brazilarticle
89 Ogden Daily Standard1919-04-021Influenza Deaths Declinedeath
90 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-257Two Influenza Victimsarticle
91 Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-202221 Influenza Cases Salt Lake's Reportarticle
92 Ogden Daily Standard1920-01-293Influenza Reportarticle
93 Salt Lake Tribune1918-09-271Epidemic Halts Draft Progressarticle
94 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-2011Steady Gains of Influenza Are Kept Uparticle
95 Ogden Daily Standard1918-09-174Influenza Moves Westwardarticle
96 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-235Husband and Wife Influenza Victimsarticle
97 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-2311Influenza Claims Victims in Ephraimarticle
98 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-2314Husband and Wife Influenza Victimsarticle
99 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-294Influenza on The Decreasearticle
100 Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-172034 New Cases of Influenza, Reportarticle
101 Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-189Influenza Deadly to Indian Tribesarticle
102 Salt Lake Telegram1919-02-0511Fifty Husky Lads Offer Selves for Influenza Testsarticle
103 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-04-261913,000 Huns Died of Hunger and Influenzaarticle
104 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-122Influenza Not Yet over Peakarticle
105 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-2216Disease is Checked, Dr. Beatty Reportsarticle
106 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-1712No Whisky for Influenza; Hope of Thirsty Vainarticle
107 Ephraim Enterprise1918-11-161Influenza Reaps Toll of Deathdeath
108 Roosevelt Standard1918-12-181Vaccine for Influenzaarticle
109 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-02188,000 Cases of Influenza in U. S. Campsarticle
110 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-228Influenza is Now Decreasingarticle
111 Ogden Daily Standard1920-01-231Decrease in Number of Cases Noted in Chicago Situationarticle
112 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-109Influenza Spreads to Every Part of United Statesarticle
113 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-179Many Influenza Deathsdeath
114 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-314Not a Cure for Influenzaarticle
115 Ogden Daily Standard1918-12-133Aiding Influenza Victimsarticle
116 Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-239Dies of Influenzadeath
117 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-2314Dread Influenza Still Grips Utaharticle
118 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-181Public Health Service Leads Influenza Wararticle
119 Gunnison Gazette1918-10-181Uncle Sam's Advice on Fluarticle
120 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-261Influenza Spreading Rapidly in 26 Statesarticle
121 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-0514Three More Utahns Influenza Victimsarticle
122 Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-2714Ogden Reports One Case of Influenzaarticle
123 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-037Influenza Kills Loganite at Camparticle
124 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-046Influenza Finds Kaysville Victimsarticle
125 Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-059Dies of Influenzadeath
126 Ogden Daily Standard1918-12-064Spreading the Influenzaarticle
127 Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-1310Succumbs to Influenzaarticle
128 Roosevelt Standard1919-04-095He Escaped Influenzaarticle
129 Roosevelt Standard1919-04-235He Escaped Influenzaarticle
130 Duchesne Record1918-11-231Influenza and Its Symptoms---Beware of Tuberculosisarticle
131 Ogden Daily Standard1918-11-276Influenza Regulations Which Must be Obeyedarticle
132 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-2923Influenza at Camp Not of Spanish Typearticle
133 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-3013Flu over in Ten Navy Districtsarticle
134 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-1012Influenza Wars on Liberty Loanarticle
135 Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-1918Girl Dies of Influenzadeath
136 Salt Lake Telegram1919-01-012Red Cross Open to Supply Nursesarticle
137 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-01-0391 Influenza Death; Serum Found Safedeath
138 Salt Lake Tribune1919-03-138First Influenza Death Reporteddeath
139 Ogden Daily Standard1920-01-301Number of Influenza Cases is Falling Offarticle
140 Ogden Daily Standard1920-03-252Few Influenza Cases in Army at Hawaiiarticle
141 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-082Nome Stricken with Influenzaarticle
142 Ogden Daily Standard1918-11-115Influenza May Cause Rapid Rise in East of Tuberculosis Casesarticle
143 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-09-28842,367 Cases of Influenza in U.S. Campsarticle
144 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-293Ephraim Woman Falls a Victim to Influenzaarticle
145 Duchesne Record1918-11-231Influenza is More Deadly than Big Wararticle
146 Ogden Daily Standard1918-11-294Influenza is Passingarticle
147 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-15186 Salt Die of Flu U, S, Asked for Nursesarticle
148 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-1711Native Utahn Dies in Idaho of Influenzadeath
149 Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-059Influenza-La Grippearticle
150 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-075Influenza Gets Only One Victimarticle
151 Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-148Influenza - La Grippearticle
152 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-12-2020Association Nurses Combat Influenzaarticle
153 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-01-02570 New Cases of Influenza in S. Farticle
154 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1919-04-041Arthell Clement is Victim of Influenzaarticle
155 Salt Lake Tribune1919-04-263Millions Reported Dead of Influenzadeath
156 Times Independent1920-02-191Mrs. R. C. Ashby Victim of Influenza-Pneumoniaarticle
157 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-262Abatement of Influenza in Samps Notedarticle
158 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-062017,383 New Influenza Cases in Army Campsarticle
159 Vernal Express1920-01-306Says Influenza is Unconqueredarticle
160 Ogden Daily Standard1918-09-259Many Influenza Casesarticle
161 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-30539 New Cases of Influenza in Provoarticle
162 Ogden Daily Standard1918-11-0212Earl Herman Dies of Influenza at 7 A. M. Todayarticle
163 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-11-0323Influenza Kills 5 in One Familyarticle
164 Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-098Influenza-La Grippearticle
165 Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-1911Robert M'kinnon is Dead of Influenzaarticle
166 Parowan Times1918-11-278Influenza and Its Symptomsarticle
167 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-12-0123Ten Greeks Seized on Influenza Chargearticle
168 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1919-03-0923Influenza Raises Minnesota Deathsdeath
169 Salt Lake Tribune1919-03-182Influenza Cause of Sudden Deathdeath
170 Ogden Daily Standard1919-04-251Five Millions Die in India from Spanish Influenzadeath
171 Times Independent1919-10-304Influenza May Not Return. but be Carefularticle
172 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-2024Disease at Apex Doctors Declarearticle
173 Washington County News1918-10-174Uncle Sam's Advice on Fluarticle
174 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-10-081Red Cross to be Mobilized on Influenzaarticle
175 Bingham Bulletin1918-10-044Influenza is Spreadingarticle
176 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-1510Influenza Germ is Produced by Scientistsarticle
177 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-244Keep down the Influenzaarticle
178 Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-0211Twin Falls Receives Influenza Vaccinearticle
179 Ogden Daily Standard1918-11-0710Leslie Doon Dies at 9:90 A. M. a Victim of Influenzadeath
180 Salt Lake Tribune1918-11-229Four Sisters are Influenza Victimsarticle
181 Salt Lake Tribune1918-12-149Young Wife Dies of Influenza at Salt Lake Homedeath
182 Salt Lake Herald-Republican1918-12-201Times Compares Influenza with Famous Plaguearticle
183 Times Independent1920-02-054Call for Trained Nurses Urgentarticle
184 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-147Six Deaths Caused by the Spanish Influenzaarticle
185 Richfield Reaper1918-11-161Local Newsarticle
186 Salt Lake Telegram1918-09-263U. S. Opens Big Fight on 'Flu'article
187 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-2516Asks Government for 12 Nursesarticle
188 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-157More Deaths from the Influenza Are Reporteddeath
189 Bingham Bulletin1918-11-291Deathsdeath
190 Ogden Daily Standard1920-02-036Reward for Doctor Who Cures Influenzaarticle
191 Ogden Daily Standard1920-02-067Question of Opening Theatres Hinges on Conferencearticle
192 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-0810Influenza at Casperarticle
193 Ogden Daily Standard1918-11-193Robert M'kinnon is Dead of Influenzaarticle
194 Grand Valley Times1919-01-104Dr. C. M. Clark Arrives to Help Fight Influenzaarticle
195 Ephraim Enterprise1919-01-181Influenza Claims Another Victimarticle
196 Ogden Daily Standard1919-04-1510He Escaped Influenzaarticle
197 Ogden Daily Standard1919-10-291England Preparing to Fight Influenza Again This Winterarticle
198 Box Elder News Journal1920-02-034Influenza Claims Young Man at Willardarticle
199 Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-171Beatty to Represent U. S. during Epidemicarticle
200 Ogden Daily Standard1918-10-117Influenza Causes Two Deaths, and Twenty New Case Are Reported during Morningdeath
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