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1 Times Independent1919-10-02issue
2 Times Independent1919-10-021advertisement
3 Times Independent1919-10-021unclassified
4 Times Independent1919-10-021page
5 Times Independent1919-10-021Sells Half Interest in Claims for $1500article
6 Times Independent1919-10-021Telephone Co. Granted 25 per Cent Increasearticle
7 Times Independent1919-10-021Refuses to Accept Dist. Atty. Patterson's Resignationarticle
8 Times Independent1919-10-021Oil Rig Again at Work on Moab Wellarticle
9 Times Independent1919-10-021Local Couple Wedded at Salt Lake Templewedding
10 Times Independent1919-10-021New Home for Pool Hall Being Remodeledarticle
11 Times Independent1919-10-021Warden's Bid on Road Rendered Void by Lawarticle
12 Times Independent1919-10-021Mrs. J. C. Taylor, Former Moab Lady, Died Tuesdaydeath
13 Times Independent1919-10-021Getting Ready for Roll Call Campaignarticle
14 Times Independent1919-10-021Chautauqua Seats Selling Rapidlyarticle
15 Times Independent1919-10-021Power Company Granted Permission to Raise Ratesarticle
16 Times Independent1919-10-021Contracts Let for Post Road from Thompsons to La Salarticle
17 Times Independent1919-10-021Pioneer Resident of Monticello is Deaddeath
18 Times Independent1919-10-021Predicts Prominence for Local Oil Fieldsarticle
19 Times Independent1919-10-021Wedding is Kept Secret for Weekdeath
20 Times Independent1919-10-021Repairs Green River Roadarticle
21 Times Independent1919-10-021No Intention, He Says, of Selling Propertiesarticle
22 Times Independent1919-10-021Undergoes Operationarticle
23 Times Independent1919-10-022advertisement
24 Times Independent1919-10-022unclassified
25 Times Independent1919-10-022page
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