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1 Davis County Clipper1990-11-2728Leona Vincent Gibbonsdeath
2 Davis County Clipper1990-11-1328Pearl Cox Hier Bartlettdeath
3 Davis County Clipper1990-11-1328Ida M. Henrioddeath
4 Davis County Clipper1990-11-1328Harvey Earl Hascalldeath
5 Davis County Clipper1990-11-1328B. Mike Spencerdeath
6 Davis County Clipper1990-11-2728Greta Aa Ashdowndeath
7 Davis County Clipper1990-11-2728Lawrence F. Eckmandeath
8 Davis County Clipper1990-11-2728Anna Marie Kiepe Pagetdeath
9 Davis County Clipper1990-11-275Einfeldt Makes Christmas Candiesdeath
10 Davis County Clipper1990-11-1328Kenneth Reid Lloyddeath
11 Davis County Clipper1990-11-1328Blanche Cahoon Mossdeath
12 Davis County Clipper1990-11-1718Carl Evan 'Bill' Mossdeath
13 Davis County Clipper1990-11-1718Mildred Louise Pricedeath
14 Davis County Clipper1990-11-1016Myrna Green Chandlerdeath
15 Davis County Clipper1990-11-0626Lynn K. Cullimoredeath
16 Davis County Clipper1990-11-0626Myrna Green Chandlerdeath
17 Davis County Clipper1990-11-0313Jewell A. Thorntondeath
18 Davis County Clipper1990-11-0313Malcolm C. Birchdeath
19 Davis County Clipper1990-11-0313James W. Yatesdeath
20 Davis County Clipper1990-11-0313Cathryn C. Reevesdeath
21 Davis County Clipper1990-11-0313Elbert Nelsondeath
22 Davis County Clipper1990-11-0313Gladys Hepworth Kremerdeath
23 Davis County Clipper1990-11-0313Eric D. Jordandeath
24 Davis County Clipper1990-11-0313Stephan J. Bowndeath
25 Davis County Clipper1989-11-2931Former Bountiful Police Chief, Judge Dies at 68death
1 - 25 of 27,450