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1 News Advocate1928-06-304News Brevitiesarticle
2 News Advocate1927-06-171Choice of Goddess Causes Rivalry in Price Organizationsarticle
3 News Advocate1932-06-094New Highway East of Price Openedarticle
4 News Advocate1928-06-278Carbon Residents Hurt in Crasharticle
5 News Advocate1931-06-252Scenes and Persons in the Current Newsarticle
6 News Advocate1923-06-281All Posts Busy; Box Car Bunch Has Plans; May Kill a Few Goofsarticle
7 News Advocate1917-06-217Memory of Signers Should be Honoredarticle
8 News Advocate1918-06-201unclassified
9 News Advocate1930-06-185Through a Woman's Eyesarticle
10 News Advocate1922-06-152A Path to Our Doorarticle
11 News Advocate1925-06-185Missionaries Are or Guests at Partyarticle
12 News Advocate1928-06-302advertisement
13 News Advocate1920-06-101Farm Conditions Prove Good Herearticle
14 News Advocate1926-06-033unclassified
15 News Advocate1927-06-245page
16 News Advocate1918-06-274Be Careful About Size of Knittingarticle
17 News Advocate1920-06-034page
18 News Advocate1921-06-092Banker Declares for Safety First by Daily Financearticle
19 News Advocate1916-06-238advertisement
20 News Advocate1919-06-191page
21 News Advocate1926-06-175Societyarticle
22 News Advocate1926-06-247Summonsarticle
23 News Advocate1925-06-112Revival in Building of Roads Shown in Reportarticle
24 News Advocate1923-06-287The Kitchen Cabinetarticle
25 News Advocate1926-06-031Auto Accidents over Week-End Are Numerousarticle
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