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1 Davis County Clipper1991-06-1826Laurence G. Rhynsburgerdeath
2 Davis County Clipper1991-06-1826Karl B. Adamsondeath
3 Davis County Clipper1991-06-1826Crystal R. Webbdeath
4 Davis County Clipper1991-06-1512Willard Bingham Holmesdeath
5 Davis County Clipper1991-06-1130Myrtle Hart Terrydeath
6 Davis County Clipper1991-06-1130Linda Burnettdeath
7 Davis County Clipper1991-06-1512Aerobic Classes Offereddeath
8 Davis County Clipper1991-06-1512Lee R. Hatchdeath
9 Davis County Clipper1991-06-1130Vernon Grasdeath
10 Davis County Clipper1991-06-0814Wanda M. Lambertdeath
11 Davis County Clipper1991-06-0112Nieves Garcia De Silvodeath
12 Davis County Clipper1991-06-0112Larry J. Borendeath
13 Davis County Clipper1991-06-0816George S. Gronemandeath
14 Davis County Clipper1991-06-0112Lorna may S. Petersondeath
15 Davis County Clipper1991-05-2832Millard James Heapsdeath
16 Davis County Clipper1991-06-0814Ida Walsh Barlowdeath
17 Davis County Clipper1991-05-2832Carrick Dudley Leavittdeath
18 Davis County Clipper1991-06-0112Melvin Levi Kendalldeath
19 Davis County Clipper1991-06-0814Lavera Briggs Thompsondeath
20 Davis County Clipper1991-05-1814Doris Griffith Pacedeath
21 Davis County Clipper1991-05-2516Mace W. Sharpdeath
22 Davis County Clipper1991-05-1814Dorothy S. Crosbydeath
23 Davis County Clipper1991-05-2516Allen Ray Georgedeath
24 Davis County Clipper1991-05-2516Stella Camille Nessendeath
25 Davis County Clipper1991-05-1814It's Time to Prepare for Canningdeath
1 - 25 of 317,482