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1 Davis County Clipper1990-09-2526Dora Long Woodwarddeath
2 Davis County Clipper1990-09-2526Ivy Streeper Carrdeath
3 Davis County Clipper1990-09-1827Martin 'Bruce' Frodshamdeath
4 Davis County Clipper1990-09-1115Clyde B. Stirlingdeath
5 Davis County Clipper1990-09-1827A.L. 'Dell' Eldredgedeath
6 Davis County Clipper1990-09-185Transfer Station Studieddeath
7 Davis County Clipper1990-09-1827Karsten Frank Hansen, Sr.death
8 Davis County Clipper1990-09-1115Shannon Hokansondeath
9 Davis County Clipper1990-09-1115Alferd M. Zimmermandeath
10 Davis County Clipper1990-09-1827Dell J. Larkindeath
11 Davis County Clipper1990-09-1115Merilyn R. Rogersdeath
12 Davis County Clipper1990-09-1115Michelle Haacke Argyledeath
13 Davis County Clipper1990-09-1115Holly L. Hallmandeath
14 Davis County Clipper1990-09-1115Shane W. Manningdeath
15 Davis County Clipper1990-09-1827Grace Jensen Rollinsdeath
16 Davis County Clipper1990-09-0417Beth Corniadeath
17 Davis County Clipper1990-09-0413Keith Argyle Hansendeath
18 Davis County Clipper1990-09-0417Leo Vernon Worsleydeath
19 Davis County Clipper1990-09-0417Virginia Arbuckle Ricedeath
20 Davis County Clipper1990-09-0417William Dean Weaverdeath
21 Davis County Clipper1989-09-2732Elmer Barberdeath
22 Davis County Clipper1989-09-2732Barbara D. Hardmandeath
23 Davis County Clipper1989-09-2732Ella B. Williamsdeath
24 Davis County Clipper1989-09-2732Geneva S. Smithdeath
25 Davis County Clipper1989-09-2732Margaret J. Handydeath
1 - 25 of 24,718