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1 Davis County Clipper1991-01-2923Wendell M. Nancedeath
2 Davis County Clipper1991-01-267Nevin Nelson Sheldondeath
3 Davis County Clipper1991-01-2923Alton Le Roy Daydeath
4 Davis County Clipper1991-01-267Maurice Mann Arbuckledeath
5 Davis County Clipper1991-01-267Alfreda M. Kingdeath
6 Davis County Clipper1991-01-2923Carol L. Ratcliffedeath
7 Davis County Clipper1991-01-267Samuel G. Raymonddeath
8 Davis County Clipper1991-01-267Thomas Q. Williamsdeath
9 Davis County Clipper1991-01-267Esther M. Petersendeath
10 Davis County Clipper1991-01-1910Anthony 'Tony' Schuhdeath
11 Davis County Clipper1991-01-2214Richard Brent Beutlerdeath
12 Davis County Clipper1991-01-2214Weston H. Harrisdeath
13 Davis County Clipper1991-01-1910Awry S. Jonesdeath
14 Davis County Clipper1991-01-1910Marie Robinsondeath
15 Davis County Clipper1991-01-2214Noel Cecil Belldeath
16 Davis County Clipper1991-01-2214Elda Borg Bringhurstdeath
17 Davis County Clipper1991-01-1220Carl Walter Christensendeath
18 Davis County Clipper1991-01-1520Lee A. Burnhamdeath
19 Davis County Clipper1991-01-1520Ann Cecilia Hackdeath
20 Davis County Clipper1991-01-0814Vera Lee Kearl Marshalldeath
21 Davis County Clipper1991-01-1211Ladies Boast Perfect Weekdeath
22 Davis County Clipper1991-01-0814Karl Crandalldeath
23 Davis County Clipper1991-01-1220George A. Wenseldeath
24 Davis County Clipper1991-01-1220Edward Milo Mabeydeath
25 Davis County Clipper1991-01-1220Robert Shafferdeath
1 - 25 of 28,987