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1 Eastern Utah Advocate1897-03-041Another Pioneer Passes Awaydeath
2 Eastern Utah Advocate1897-05-202The Rise of Jewelldeath
3 Eastern Utah Advocate1897-06-171Another Pioneer Gonedeath
4 Eastern Utah Advocate1897-06-171Death of Mrs. Lois Jordondeath
5 Eastern Utah Advocate1897-10-071Death of Mrs. Lorensondeath
6 Eastern Utah Advocate1897-10-141An Attach of Johnson's Army Diesdeath
7 Eastern Utah Advocate1897-10-211Utah's Centenarian Passes Awaydeath
8 Eastern Utah Advocate1897-12-301A Pioneer Passes Waydeath
9 Eastern Utah Advocate1898-05-264Price's Pioneer Passes Awaydeath
10 Eastern Utah Advocate1898-09-082A Good Man Passes Awaydeath
11 Eastern Utah Advocate1898-09-221Winnie Davis Deaddeath
12 Eastern Utah Advocate1898-09-223Death of Dr. Chasedeath
13 Eastern Utah Advocate1898-10-063John M. Easton Deaddeath
14 Eastern Utah Advocate1898-12-151Gen. Garcia Deaddeath
15 Eastern Utah Advocate1899-02-091Colonel Sexton Deaddeath
16 Eastern Utah Advocate1899-03-231A Brave Operator Deaddeath
17 Eastern Utah Advocate1899-03-302A Good Man is No Moredeath
18 Eastern Utah Advocate1899-04-131Justice Stephen J. Field Deaddeath
19 Eastern Utah Advocate1899-07-271Robert G. Ingersoll Deaddeath
20 Eastern Utah Advocate1899-09-072Mrs. Whitmore at Restdeath
21 Eastern Utah Advocate1899-09-211John Wesley and His Habitsdeath
22 Eastern Utah Advocate1899-11-232Vice President Bobart's Deathdeath
23 Eastern Utah Advocate1900-01-041Founder of Republican Party Deaddeath
24 Eastern Utah Advocate1900-07-263Pioneer Passes Awaydeath
25 Eastern Utah Advocate1900-08-161C. P. Huntington Deaddeath
1 - 25 of 173