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1 Cache Valley Clarion1940-08-221Graveside Rites Held for Infantbirth
2 Cache Valley Clarion1940-08-291Graveside Services Held for Poage Infantbirth
3 Cache Valley Clarion1940-09-123Celebrates Birthday at Party Tuesdaybirth
4 Cache Valley Clarion1940-09-124Birth Certificates Cause Headachebirth
5 Cache Valley Clarion1940-10-178Birthday Partybirth
6 Cache Valley Clarion1940-10-244Mapletonbirth
7 Cache Valley Clarion1940-11-281Services to be Held Sunday for Esplin Infantbirth
8 Cache Valley Clarion1940-12-124Birthday Club Honors Memberbirth
9 Cache Valley Clarion1940-12-124Entertain on Husbands Birthdaybirth
10 Cache Valley Clarion1941-01-024Observes Birthday at Family Reunionbirth
11 Cache Valley Clarion1941-01-091Graveside Rites Held for Andrews Infantbirth
12 Cache Valley Clarion1941-01-231Birthday Ball Set for January 30thbirth
13 Cache Valley Clarion1941-01-305Monson Home Scene of Birthday Partybirth
14 Cache Valley Clarion1941-01-305Birthday Club Enjoys Partybirth
15 Cache Valley Clarion1941-02-201Birthsbirth
16 Cache Valley Clarion1941-02-274Birthday Party at Allen Home Fridaybirth
17 Cache Valley Clarion1941-03-277Birth of Crinolinebirth
18 Cache Valley Clarion1941-05-015Birthday Club Honors Mrs. Wilcoxbirth
19 Cache Valley Clarion1941-05-015[Illegible] Girls Enjoy Party Fridaybirth
20 Cache Valley Clarion1941-05-291Birthday Party Held at Boettichersbirth
21 Cache Valley Clarion1941-06-055Birthday Club Has Party at Linrosebirth
22 Cache Valley Clarion1941-06-191Crash Takes Life of Tiny Infantbirth
23 Cache Valley Clarion1941-07-035Birthday Party for Lela Spackmanbirth
24 Cache Valley Clarion1941-07-171Graveside Rites for Porter Infantbirth
25 Cache Valley Clarion1941-07-175Recent Hospital Birthsbirth
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