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1 News Advocate1922-05-184advertisement
2 News Advocate1931-07-307Depression Explainedarticle
3 News Advocate1915-10-083Rounding Pullets into Laying Trimarticle
4 News Advocate1917-03-223Age of Sanitationarticle
5 News Advocate1921-02-171City Hall Has a Close Fire Callarticle
6 News Advocate1928-06-304News Brevitiesarticle
7 News Advocate1931-05-2110Railroad Would Close Stationsarticle
8 News Advocate1918-01-248Cameron Commentsarticle
9 News Advocate1922-08-034Just About Folksarticle
10 News Advocate1928-07-251Derelict Buriedarticle
11 News Advocate1932-04-1411She Has to be Smartarticle
12 News Advocate1927-06-171Choice of Goddess Causes Rivalry in Price Organizationsarticle
13 News Advocate1917-08-097Notice to Water Usersarticle
14 News Advocate1915-10-298Estrays Taken Uparticle
15 News Advocate1926-12-301Commercial Raising of Hogs Looms as Big New Industryarticle
16 News Advocate1922-01-1210Where Your Taxes Go Sectionarticle
17 News Advocate1918-02-147Aircraft Help Fight U-Boatsarticle
18 News Advocate1918-08-291Another Big Dance for the Red Crossarticle
19 News Advocate1921-02-031Ney Still Keeps Still on Troublearticle
20 News Advocate1915-12-313Helper Now Has I. O. O. F. Lodgearticle
21 News Advocate1920-02-196unclassified
22 News Advocate1931-10-227advertisement
23 News Advocate1930-12-253unclassified
24 News Advocate1925-07-092Crown Prince Seeks Justificationarticle
25 News Advocate1931-05-214Machines That Are Almost Humanarticle
1 - 25 of 65,916