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1 Logan Nation1900-07-281Burned to Deathdeath
2 Logan Nation1900-08-011Majors must Diedeath
3 Logan Nation1900-08-041Haworth to Diedeath
4 Logan Nation1900-08-043A Favorite with the Ladiesdeath
5 Logan Nation1900-08-082Curious Cause of Deathdeath
6 Logan Nation1900-08-224One Death Occursdeath
7 Logan Nation1900-08-311Aunt Zina Deaddeath
8 Logan Nation1900-08-314Third Victim Dies at Havana with Yellow Fever Caused by Mosquite Hitedeath
9 Logan Nation1900-08-314Old Man Left in Shaft of Mine to Diedeath
10 Logan Nation1900-09-081C. W. Card Diesdeath
11 Logan Nation1900-09-152Loss of Life and Property Appallingdeath
12 Logan Nation1900-09-222Finds Cause of Deathdeath
13 Logan Nation1900-09-226The Fear of Deathdeath
14 Logan Nation1900-09-227Guarded by Spooksdeath
15 Logan Nation1900-09-291Ladies' Clubsdeath
16 Logan Nation1900-10-106Veteran Editor Deaddeath
17 Logan Nation1900-10-132Aeronaut Crushed to Deathdeath
18 Logan Nation1900-10-132Wyoming Pioneer Deaddeath
19 Logan Nation1900-10-132Narrowly Escape Deathdeath
20 Logan Nation1900-10-276Walks to Deathdeath
21 Logan Nation1900-10-276"Died" is too Harshdeath
22 Logan Nation1901-09-111N. W. Birdno Deaddeath
23 Logan Nation1901-09-181M'kinley's Deathdeath
24 Logan Nation1901-09-182The Presidents Deathdeath
25 Logan Nation1901-09-185Touching Private Funeral at Milburn Home, Buffalodeath
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